Just Another Attack

Well, here we go again.  The last time I posted anything was nearly a year ago and my wife, son and I were in the midst of selling our home and moving to an apartment as we refocused on a down-sized life and getting debt-free.

Our son, deeply involved in training to become a mechanic and working as one, also was up to his eyeballs in work and the life of an 18 year old. Sandy and I were busy being frustrated and wondering if paying a mortgage and lease at the same time was doable, along with our other obligations.

I stopped blogging so that I could focus on Biblical teaching at my wonderful place of worship, Countryside Christian Center.

Since the move, we have had many changes come into our lives. My health suffered a little but I recovered and returned to work quickly after a three week lay up last summer. The prayers of many, many righteous availed much! God is so faithful and he looks after my little family so well. Sandy and Tim have had their challenges but He in His mercy lifted both of them up and they are meeting those challenges beautifully!

Today, I find myself laid up with a nasty head cold but I am reminded of what Satan sought to do to Job in his trials and this is to the point:  The adversary always seeks to make us impatient for the will of God to be revealed in our lives and to make us not see the glorious result when His will is revealed!  

Tomorrow night, as I have for most of the the past couple of years, I will be teaching in the War Room, that little corner closet where some of my friends and I do battle with the forces of spiritual darkness in this world.  Today is my preparation day and the enemy wants me down for the count, not teaching, and not glorifying God or the One He sent to us to enjoy the victory: Jesus Christ.

Here’s news for you too, friends: the devil wants you down, impatient, groaning and anything but victorious in the Name of Jesus. I’m getting better as I write this and, again, Satan loses. Why? Because My Lord God is faithful!  He keeps His Word and His promises are YES AND AMEN!

If you’re saved in the Name of Jesus, you have a partner in the Holy Spirit who fights these battles for you. If you’re not, you need one now. Take this offer seriously and come to Him. Make Him your partner.

And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous; and He Himself is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only but also for those of the whole world. 1 John 2:1-2

Be patient friends, and remember Job’s wife, in her impatience with God, said to Job, “curse God and die!”   The Holy Spirit will make you healthy in body and mind and wise to be patient for God’s glory.