The Model Marriage


This weekend Sandy, my wife of over 22 years, and I attended the third marriage conference we’ve been to in six years.

It was fun and enlightening. The speaker, Dr. David Clarke, a Christian Family and Marriage therapist was so engaging and knowledgeable that my wife and I both got a lot from what he had to say. All of it soundly nestled in the truth of God’s Word.

Anyway, I bought one of the many books he’s published over the years and started reading it tonight over a peppermint latte. The title of Dr. Clarke’s book,  The Total Marriage Makeover is fast paced and on target as Dr. Clarke was in his talks about marriage, it’s often foreseeable problems, solutions to those problems and how to get, and keep the fires of romance aglow in one’s marriage.

You men out there, who might be reading, needn’t worry about marriage conferences being male bashing, pro-feminist agenda driven diatribes about how every marital problem is your fault. Dr. Clarke recognizes that problems, unless there is violence involved, are never a one-sided affair.

The talks centered on Solomon, widely recognized as the wisest man in the world 3,000 years ago and his marriage to one of his wives, known only as the Shulamite, and how they courted one another, loved one another, married one another, and consummated their marriage. The Scripture itself, the Song of Solomon, is a picture of what God intended our marriages to look like from beginning to end!

Neither Solomon, nor the Shulamite are shy about how they see each other, want each other, or what they intend to do about it once they get their hands on each other.

If it didn’t come out of God’s Own Word in a black bound leather book, the prudes, censors, and internet policemen would think it was practically pornographic!  BUT IT ISN’T!

Dear reader, before you read another thing this week, before you go to bed tonight with the spouse of your bosom, take five minutes or so and do this: Men read Song of Solomon Chapter Four to your wife…nice and slow. Women read Chapter Five to him. Read it with passion and love. Both of you.

Success in a Christian marriage is predicated upon both of you being (you guessed it) Christians. If you are not, take this time to find out how to become one. It is really very simple and the most profoundly meaningful thing you will ever become.

Finally, please don’t throw back at me about the 1,000 or so wives and concubines Solomon had. It is true of course and his grief over the mess he made of life is well documented in Ecclesiastes. His own mistakes made his life, by his own admission “Meaningless”.

Christ promises His soon return for His bride. Spotless and perfect.  That’s us, folks!  But we can have this marriage now if we pursue it the right way. God’s way.

Be blessed! And if you’re dating, time for one of you to go home now.


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