The Royal Wedding

No accidents under the sun. Tomorrow is packed with events of great significance in the world, one of which will dominate the world’s attention all day and well into the four day news cycle until something comes along to trump it into insignificance. 

Just like the death of one of the most revered women of the 20th century, Mother Teresa was trumped by Princess Diana’s funeral on the same day, so will the royal wedding in Great Britain of Kate Middleton to Prince William trump everything else, unless something earth-shattering happens to supplant it. Strange irony about Diana, Mother Teresa and the big event tomorrow.

We’ve all heard about Diana and her wedding 31 years ago to the philandering Charles (in line to be the next protector of the Anglican Church) and the events surrounding tomorrow’s groom. The comparisons are as merciless and endless, as they are pointless. I sincerely hope this marriage is a Godly one, built on His love and that none of the horrid scandals that dominated the marriage of William’s parents will ever touch them.

So tomorrow you, me, and a couple billion of our closest on-line and TV friends will gather for what will surely be the biggest, most beautiful event so far televised in the 21st century. Even if it wasn’t, the media would never allow it to be different than what they have advertised. I know that sounds cynical but this is what we have come to expect. Not truth, or anything approximating truth, but packaging. The media will tell us anything we want to hear or see and this event is no different than any other. 

Also tomorrow seven of our finest astronauts and scientists will, for one of the last times in U.S. history, break the bonds of earth to explore the heavens and do more construction on the International Space Station. The commander of this mission, Mark Kelly, will get to enjoy the miracle of his wife’s presence at the launch following an assassination attempt where she was shot in the head at point blank range. Two miracles here, really:  one where the head wound didn’t kill her instantly, and the second, that she is still in the process of recovering well enough to do this. Congresswoman  Gifford and her husband are truly blessed, I think.

The sad thing to me is that heroic missions in space have become so common place as to be nearly ignored and now we have perhaps one more launch after this and that’s about it. A half century of manned space flight from our country will come to a whimpering halt with nothing to follow it. That’s a tragedy that will go under-reported, if it is even commented on at all. In a global system, heroes like these are not allowed. Excellence in any achievement should not be dominated by any one country, or so it would seem. Remember George Orwell’s war between Oceania and Eurasia (or was it East Asia?). That war was not meant to be won, it was meant to be continuous. Such is the nature of major events in the news today.

We have become desperate for good news and not particular about the source of that news. The world has become more black and white, harsh, stark, unforgiving, vicious, selfish, and cynical. This is, in spades, the prince of the power of the air’s territory and he makes no secret of the fact.The truth is that the good news isn’t taking place anywhere on Planet Earth tomorrow. Sure, the wedding’s nice and the launch will be glorious as always but these are meaningless against the backdrop of the greatest news ever: Jesus Christ’s announcement that He was sent by God the Father into the world to redeem mankind from the one thing that science can’t act upon, a beautiful wedding can’t address, and nothing ever devised by man could ever resolve: the redemption of all mankind from the one thing that separates him from a loving God: Sin. This story is the most pertinent, uncovered story of the last 2,000 years and started in a Jerusalem synagogue with these words:

The Spirit of The Lord is upon Me,
        Because He anointed Me to preach the good news to the poor.
         He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives,
        and recovery of sight to the blind,
         to set free those who are oppressed,
    to proclaim the favorable year of The Lord. Luke 4:18-19

Wonderful things happening tomorrow with much beautiful imagery coming, but all this is of transitory value compared to what Jesus has been doing and continues to do, even as you read this. Wars are being fought around the world in His name and in the name of His enemies, too but you won’t hear about them. Don’t lose track because of short term diversions, temporary disasters, or anything that takes your eyes off those things that have true, permanent meaning and value. The time is short but we must realize and act upon this truth.  The really important wedding is the one that will end this age and it is of Christ the Groom to His bride, we the church.

Invitations will be hard to come by for those who don’t know Him in their hearts. Indeed, all of us, including those who don’t believe in Him will see Him as He really is, no media spin, blurry focus or any distortion or technical difficulty. Time to get ready! The Groom certainly will be.

  Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
   and gave him the name that is above every name,
 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
   in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
   to the glory of God the Father. Phil 2:9-11

Bless you all!


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