New Title, New Look

Resurrection Day is tomorrow and I thought that a new look and a new title for my blog would be timely. I hope you’ll enjoy the writing and I remain ever grateful for your support in reading these posts.

So tomorrow is THE big day for we Christians. Suffice it to say that for me, tomorrow is the most important of all days in the year. My steadfast belief, supported by evidence I hold as trustworthy, is that Jesus rose from the grave in resurrection as the Son of the Living God.  We’ll discuss this more in the future, as God gives me the clarity to write about it.

As a student in the Christian Life School of Theology (CLST) I have learned enough to make me dangerous but I have read enough to learn to not use the word “easter”. It takes getting used to since I’ve spent all of the last 53 years using it.

The word itself is derived from a number of pre-Christian, semitic, and pagan sources including: Ashtoreth from the Canaanites; Astarte from the ancient Greeks; Ishtar from the ancient Persians and Assyrians and Ostara from Norse mythology.  None of these have anything to do with Christianity. In fact, God ordered Joshua to go into Canaan in order to bring about the destruction of Ashtoreth and Molech, their chief gods and annihilate the people for worshiping them.

Anyway, the other derivatives are in the same ball park and I think Resurrection Day is a better and more direct expression of what Jesus Christ came into the world for: to save sinners who call upon His name and follow Him. To do this means believing in His resurrection and that He now sits at God’s right hand.

I hope you will come to this belief, if you haven’t already, and hold it deep in your heart.

God bless you all mightily on Resurrection Day and every day until He comes again!


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