I Know He’s Listening-Now What Do I Say?

I’m really glad that my faith dictates no specific time or content limits because  sometimes I have nothing I want to say to God. This is especially true when I am alone, but I haven’t figured out why and don’t care to do any self-psychoanalysis, thanks. I’ve spent too much of my life doing that with generally poor results.

Sometimes I would rather be doing anything else besides pray, even though I know how richly blessed my life has been. I was talking to a close friend of mine about this today. I told him that I felt a little guilty that the content of my prayer that morning was one of complaint about this and all too brief, but that God already knows what’s in my heart and rewards me, I believe, whether I pray or not. Generally speaking, I think I do much better when I am praying with someone, on their behalf and not for myself, by myself. After all, God is good, He has kept His promises to me to feed me and my family according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. We are wanting for nothing and He has pulled us through every crisis, including the current one (no longer a crisis) unscathed and closer to Him.

Often we talk in church of praying for our leaders, which I do not only for political leaders, but especially for our wonderful pastors, teachers, worship leaders, and others and I pray for those with whom I work at my job and especially for those, usually at this job, who have been a problem for me and require, in my view, prayers for forgiveness. I think this set of prayers has been the single biggest help in moving me closer in my walk with The Lord. Maybe I should extend the last set of prayers to include our political leaders.  Just kidding!

I believe God wants me to do a very short list of things: First, pray daily; second, do a meaningful scripture reading daily; third, get with my brothers and sisters and seekers at my wonderful church, Countryside Christian Center, as often as it is opened and finally, tell those whom I have the opportunity what my faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ has done for me.

I may have little to say to God but there is always something to tell someone about what God has done for me my entire life.

Sometimes I get down on myself for letting my prayers become too formal or formulaic. When this happens I pray for my family member’s health, happiness, and prosperity and then I thank Him for the immeasurable and deep blessings he has given me in my life. That may be formal but I mean it from my heart.

What can I say?  I am not a Muslim. I don’t stop what I am doing five times a day, kneel to the east and recite the same prayers on a rug every day. I think that having spilled this will make it easier for both the reader and me to not feel guilty about the short prayer in the morning, or any other time.

Like I said, God knows my heart. That’s His turf and the attacks on my thinking come from the adversary of the brethren and are, as they say, all in my head. Scripture says to pray without ceasing. The only way I now to do that and keep at the tasks at hand every day is to speak informally, gratefully, and with conviction that my prayers are always heard, and God always honors His children.

Be blessed!


2 thoughts on “I Know He’s Listening-Now What Do I Say?

  1. Great post, babe! Just remember James 4:2 – You have not because you ask not. Just because God already knows what we want, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask just the same. Here I am telling you what you already know and who am I to advise when I struggle so much with prayer as well. Thanks for your honesty about your struggle as well. I love you!

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