How to Kill a Conversation

I don’t know, but sometimes I can pick a topic for conversation and interest no one in anything I have to say or what I have written. My last couple of blog posts seem to have elicited this response.

Not that I’m grieved by this but blog posting, as I am quickly finding out, is a marketplace for ideas. Some sell and some don’t.
When I write about things to do with me or my family directly people seem genuinely interested. Early on, before I got sick, I wrote a piece that began the series and it was historical, religious, and philosophical. Quite a few people read it.

After a break of nearly 3 months I wrote about what had happened to me and got a much larger response, which I attributed to friends who care about me. I still believe this to be so.
Well, I don’t know where this will lead, but I will be broadening the topics some, bringing things a little closer to home for now. I hope the reading will be more interesting and a little less like a rolling commentary on world events and problems which you can read about anywhere. Spiritually, nothing has changed and I will still find relevance for faith in what I write.
Anyway, thanks for reading and be blessed!


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