Where were we?

Well, back at last! In case you were wondering where I have been since Christmas, when I published my inaugural blog post, I will tell you.  So much has happened in my life since then that one post probably would not cover it adequately.

Nine days after my first post, which was well received by the several kind folks who read it, I found myself hospitalized for several days. The doctors say I had two seizures, one while attending a mens bible study at my church and the second while in the emergency room at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida.
To date, there is no evidence to support any diagnosis of the kind. All test results, EEGs, Pet Scans, Brain MRIs have yielded no data to indicate a problem of any kind. LORD BE PRAISED!!

In the world of The Truth for a Lie, where there are absolutes that bring healing, prosperity of all kinds, and increases my family’s faith these test results, and the events that have followed, come as little surprise to me or my faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. Here is why: first, my God, the Creator of all things good is more powerful than any earthly force, including disease, poverty (spiritual, physical and financial); second, the prayers of the righteous avail much (how much more the prayers of many hundreds for a sustained period of time); my faith makes me whole because my God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world for this purpose and by His stripes I am healed.

There are small things that are a work in progress and The Lord, whose timing is perfect and objectives for my life are new every day, is working His will as I prayed for the day I was hospitalized. There are countless more reasons with a strong scriptural foundation (remember where my absolutes come from!) that I will have to write a book. Look for it soon.

In any case, my life is uniquely and wonderfully blessed by what I have been through, and what I will continue to go through for the sake of His Kingdom, and I will start to post more regularly now that I am up to it.

Bless you all mightily!


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